Member Testimonial from Rosemary D.

Rosemary D.

Member since 1998

Whether it’s cashing a check, or applying for a mortgage, it all goes smoothly. They are wonderful to deal with.

Member Testimonial from John M.

John M.

Member since 1968

The staff at Sunset are all dedicated and committed to excellent service - they’re so much better than a bank!

Member Testimonial from Joshua B.

Joshua B.

Member since 2010

I didn't realize how excellent SSPFCU was until I went with a friend to deposit a check at his bank. We waited in line forever and the teller seemed annoyed at life. I'm glad I found a better place.

Member Testimonial from Stu C.

Stu C.

Member since 1987

They are a proactive staff and when you call them, you get a friendly voice instead of recorded message.

Member Testimonial from Marilyn M.

Marilyn M.

Member since 2007

Besides their AWESOME member service, Sunset Credit Union offers everything my family needs - home loans, savings accounts, student loans and investment tools - they’re the GREATEST!!

Member Testimonial from Fay D.

Fay D.

Member since 1975

If you want the best financial institution, join the best - Sunset Credit Union! Best staff, best rates, best products…they are the best!

Member Testimonial from Al W.

Al W.

Member since 1983

Sunset Credit Union is one happy place. Your money will be happy, you will be happy, and the staff at the credit union are happy people. It’s what I want in a financial institution and it’s what I get with Sunset Credit Union.

Member Testimonial from Tara the dog


Life long Member

My people might like the good rates, but I like the good treats