Banzai Financial Education

Learn financial literacy without spending a dime.

Sunset Credit Union is proud to bring you Banzai, the hands-on interactive financial education used by millions of teachers and students around the country. With Banzai, all ages can experience real-world financial education in a fun, interactive way as well as access our library of tools and resources.
We partnered with Banzai because we believe in the importance of financial education and increasing financial literacy in both youth and adults. Because we feel so strongly about the importance of sharing this information we want to reward everyone who completes the course.
Just sign up and select the age appropriate course, and upon completion we’ll deposit $25.00 into your savings account. Or if you haven’t become a member yet, we’ll deposit the first $25.00 into a new account with the credit union. It’s a great little incentive for all ages.
Car, Truck, and RV Loans
  • A FREE service sponsored by your Credit Union.
  • Experience real-world financial education in a fun, safe way.
  • $25 deposited in your savings account for completing the course.
    (One time only, per member)

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Sharon R.

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